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​Expand Your Career With some Passive Recurring Income As a ​Gambling Affiliate...

​Fun fact: ​your ​referrals will earn for you the rest of their lives

​Did you know that when you as an affiliate refer a player to a poker room, casino or sportsbook, you will get something called revenue share. This is percentage based and means that you will get a percentage of all the revenue your referral gives to the site or casino. This percentage ranges from 20% to 80%.
And the best part? After a customer clicks your link, he earns for you the rest of his gambling life!
In other words: Passive income as a gambling affiliate!


Shane M.

​I have a few poker friends and posted my link on social media and skype a couple weeks ago. 4 people signed up and i am now earning around $120/day. Just from taking a few minutes to post a link.
Pretty crazy!

Anna S.

​I have been around the online poker forums a while and have decent rep. I am also part of many study groups, so i have a lot of poker contacts on Skype. I shared my links on skype and referred 43 people the first week!!! I am now earning well over $8k per month!

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