6 Best Poker Books for Beginners and Expert in 2020 Reviewed

As one of the biggest card games of all time, poker sure has lots of fans. As you probably already know, poker isn’t a simple game. It requires a lot of practice and math skills if you want to succeed. Although you can play online in low-stakes games and learn your way around it, you can also read the best poker books to learn more about it.

Picking one, however, is a very challenging task. There are more poker books out there – from simple beginner guides to books written by professionals, they are a great source of information on the card game.

Read a poker book and you should be able to improve your game. Well, it doesn’t exactly work like reading books in RPG video games, but still, poker books are a great guide on the biggest card game on them all.

How to Pick the Right Poker Book

With so many poker books to pick from, it’s vital to know what type you need. There are several factors you need to consider including your poker knowledge.

Reading an advanced strategy book won’t help beginners just like reading poker basics don’t help pros. Your level of poker knowledge is essential to find the ideal book.

The type of poker you plan to play also plays a part. The best poker books offer a lot of general info, but there are also specific books you can read. For example, you can find books on popular variants such as Hold’em or Omaha.

Depending on your level, you should also pick between basic poker books and advanced, strategy-type literature. If you’re new to the game, it makes sense to get a book that explains basic play. If you’re already at a pro-level, find a book with advanced strategies.

Without further ado, let’s see the best poker books you can read to get better at the game.

Jonathan Little’s Excelling at No-Limit Hold’em

Jonathan Little’s Excelling at No-Limit Hold’em

There’s no question that Texas Hold’em is the most popular variant of poker online. Jonathan Little’s book is surely one of the best if you’re interested in this particular variant. It doesn’t focus on the opinion of one expert. Instead, it asks many pros to share their top Hold’em strategies.

As such, Excelling at No-Limit Hold’em is among the best poker books you can learn from. It may be priced a bit higher than similar works, but trust us, it pays to get it. With multiple winning strategies from top poker pros, it’s an excellent and valuable piece of Hold’em literature.

Harrington on Hold’em Expert Strategy Vols. I and II (Strategic Play & The Endgame)

Harrington on Hold’em Expert Strategy Vols. I and II

Dan Harrington, widely known as Action Dan, has written two great poker books you must read if you want to master SNGs. The writer goes through the basics of Hold’em Tournaments and shares his opinion on the seating position, the odds, real value of hands, and more. It’s an expert’s view into the world of Hold’em tourneys that offers valuable advice. 

The strategic play is in volume I – the endgame comes in volume II. A sequel to Harrington’s poker bestseller, in this book, the author shares his thoughts on how to play like a pro in tournaments and approach the heads up in the end.

Harrington is one of the best modern poker writers so it’s not a surprise why these two texts are often added to the list of best poker books you should read.

Jonathan Little: Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker

Jonathan Little: Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker

Still a novice player who has a lot of ground to cover? Jonathan Little’s Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker can help.

It is aimed at novice players and is a wonderful insight at valuable strategies you can use in small stakes tournaments. With this book, you’ll be able to make a difference the next time you take part in a tournament with small stakes.

The book shares more than a few high risk-high reward strategies. This might be too risky for some new players, but hey, if you want to make the jump, you’ll risk a hand sooner or later. Experts recommend being wary of these strategies.

Don’t use them consistently and don’t make the mistake of using them in high stakes tournaments. Apart from that, Jonathan Little’s text is one of the best poker books for novice players.

Alton Hardin: Essential Poker Math

Alton Hardin: Essential Poker Math

As a game that involves a lot of complicated math, it’s vital to know a thing or two about it. Alton Hardin has done a great job of covering poker math in digestible bits and pieces anyone can easily understand.

Plus, the author has done his best to provide information on practical poker math. If you play poker, you know that not every type of math is practical.

Thanks to the fact that it’s pretty easy to read, Alton Hardin’s Essential Poker Math is often placed among the best poker books you must read.

Chris Moorman’s Book of Poker

Chris Moorman’s Book of Poker

Written by Chris Moorman AKA ‘Moorman1’ himself, this book has been referred to as the Bible of poker.

The poker pro shares a unique insight into the game giving his view of the hands of another player at the table. Moorman is a genius so it’s no surprise that many consider Book of Poker among the best poker books of all time.

Read it to learn more about advanced strategies that could help you win in the most popular tournaments today. That’s what we all want, right?

David Sklansky: The Theory of Poker

David Sklansky: The Theory of Poker

One of the biggest poker players of all times, Sklansky’s book describes the basics of poker theory better than any other.

If you ask experts, they recommend this one in combination with Harrington’s two theoretical books. If you’re new to the game, these are the three best poker books you can read to go down the road of pros.