Top 5 Best Poker Chips Set in 2020

What does it take to look like a poker pro? Well, a poker chips set is a start. For those who don’t have the cash or skills to make it to the WSOP or other tournaments, private home games are the next best thing.

These games can be just as exciting and sometimes even better than some tournaments. Playing between friends is always fun, and you can spice things up with a bit of cash to make things more exciting.

The thrill of winning the pot full of your friends’ money is incomparable to everything else. Plus, it gives you bragging rights until the next game night.

And, while any set of poker chips will do for a game between friends, those cheap plastic sets are not for winners. If you want to look like a pro while beating your friends, you’re going to want a nicely made clay poker chips set or better.

Which Best Poker Chips Set Should I Get?

That, my friend, is the million-dollar question.

In the past, it was easy – there were just a few sets and you had to pick one. Nowadays, there are so many sets you can find online that make the whole process of picking one pretty challenging.

From plastic chips to clay poker chips and beyond, there’s a major difference from set to set.

Those plastic ones will be scratched before long and can even break – that’s a massive mood killer. A nicely made clay poker chips set or light aluminum chips, though, not only look good – they feel good as well.

Poker chips value is beyond explanation. The chips you get should feel as authentic as possible. You may be playing a private table among friends, but it should feel every bit as in a casino. A set of good poker chips will set the tone and let everyone know you’re serious about the game.

It will make them up to their game as well, though, so make sure to hone your skills as well. Poker isn’t a game that depends on good chips, so don’t make the mistake of not practicing at all.

How Much Do They Cost?

A good set of best poker chips set can set you back anywhere between $10 to $100 and beyond. There are a lot of options to pick from for any bankroll. Those who don’t pay that much attention to style will get what’s cheapest, but true poker fans will want the best sets with a higher value.

We’re not saying that you should go for the priciest set, but trust us – it does make a difference. Once again, we must stress the importance of practice – if you don’t even a million-dollar poker set won’t help you win.

Top 5 Best Poker Chips Set in 2020

1. Cardinal Industries 200 Pieces Poker Set

Want a cheap set that doesn’t feel like the cheapest you’ve found? This one might be for you.

Made of clay poker chips with different value holders for each, it’s a 200-pieces set that costs $17. It’s nicely positioned between cheaper and pricier poker chips sets and as such, it is great for beginners.

It comes with an aluminum carrying case and has one deck of cards. That doesn’t exactly scream poker pro but it’s good enough for a private cash game between friends. Casual poker players will love it – it’s already a best-buy set among this group.

2. Trademark Poker Chips Set 

This one’s great for beginners as well but offers more value than the Cardinal Industries set. Of course, it also costs almost double. You get 500 resin chips and 2 playing card sets in an aluminum case with a dust-resistant interior.

It’s a much more luxurious package than the Cardinal set – that’s why it costs more. The chips weight 11.5 gr., so same as the previous set. It may cost more, but you get more chips and an extra deck of cards you can use for board games as well. 

3. Da Vinci Monte Carlo Poker Chips Set

Want to take poker night on another level? Buy this set and you’ll show your friends that you’re serious about the game. The Da Vinci Monte Carlo poker chips set features 500 heavy 14-gram clay chips with laser-etched values. It’s très chic, to be honest, but it also costs $90. 

It’s worth it, though. Besides the full set of chips and a sturdy aluminum case, you get 2 playing card decks as well as dealer and blind buttons.

This is a great set for those serious about poker. A set of gold, laser-etched clay poker chips for under $100 is a steal, so we highly recommend it.

4. Brybelly Ultimate Poker Set

Want to turn some heads as you move up in the world of poker? Then the Brybelly clay chips poker set is one for you. It features 1,000 heavyweight 14-gram chips with values from $1 to $100. It’s quite a deluxe set that will set you back around $115. 

The chips are uniquely textured and don’t come in an aluminum case. This time, they’re displayed in a great acrylic showcase that makes the whole set looks even better. It costs more, but it’s the set you want a high-stakes poker experience.

5. Fat Cat Clay Poker Chips Set

This one’s the ultimate best-buy set of chips. It costs $50 and 500 striped chips as well as little, big blind, and dealer buttons. It has 2 decks of playing cards and comes in a great aluminum case that’s also dust-resistant.

This poker chips set is one for enthusiasts that want to impress their friends. At $50, it’s a bit pricier than the first options on this list, but it’s a much better package overall. The chips weight 11.5 gr. but they’re pretty sturdy. The secure insides of the case make the set look even more impressive for that money.