6 Best Ignition Poker Promotions (2020 Updated)

Ignition Poker Rackback

Ever played poker online? Then you’ve surely come across Ignition Poker. A fast-growing site on an independent poker network, Ignition is an all-in-one solution for your playing needs also featuring a casino and virtual sportsbook.  It welcomes US players of all stripes and is concentrated on the American market. Thanks to a growing collection of … Read more

Best Poker Training Sites in 2020

Best Poker Training Sites

If you want to get good at poker, you surely know that you need to train. A lot. Never underestimate that part. You can’t sit at a table with poker pros and hope to win if you don’t know the basics. If you’re not serious about poker, then stay off the tournaments. If you are, … Read more

How Can I Become a Professional Poker Player?

How to Become a Professional Poker Player

Poker has exploded in popularity in the last few decades and it’s all thanks to its cult status across different media. Hollywood popularized Texas Hold’em, for example, while other recently introduced variants also rose in popularity. Televised events have made being a professional poker player cool. All the big movie and sports stars do it, … Read more

Best Poker Sites for UK Players (2020 Updated)

Best Poker Sites for UK Players

Although an American game at its roots, poker is a global phenomenon. It is the premier card game around the world including the United Kingdom. UK players love playing poker online and can do it at a bunch of sites. Thanks to the relaxed online gambling laws in the United Kingdom, poker sites in the … Read more

Best Online Poker Bonus In 2020: Get Up To 125% Extra Bonus


Just like in online casinos, poker rooms also offer a plethora of bonuses and promotions. If you’ve never played online poker before, you’ll be glad to learn that you can earn plenty of extra cash and boost your bankroll. Some online poker bonuses are truly great, offering an amazing sum worth hundreds (or even thousands) … Read more

Want to Get Ignition Poker Rakeback? Here’s How (2020 Review)

Ignition Poker Rackback

 As a new concept that originated in online poker rooms, Rakeback is one of the best ways to earn extra cash when you play poker online.   It’s also a way for poker rooms to get recognized since, you know, they kick a small percentage back to the players who contribute the most. Rakeback deals have become … Read more

Poker Staking – MTT and SNG Poker Stake & How Does it Work?

MTT and SNG Poker Staking

Poker staking for tournament poker is much more common than a cash game poker stake. The variance experienced by tournament players is much more extreme than what a cash game player will face. For this reason, many players will suffer negative effects with their mindset and consequently, the quality of their play will drop. Having … Read more