Fast-Fold Poker Sites: The Best Zoom Alternatives

In the past few decades, developers have been working toward new poker alternatives that are supposed to make the already fun games even more exciting.

As many players have noted slow pace as the main flaw of many variants, the industry was focused on upping the pace and developing new variants.

Fast poker variants have flooded the Internet since 2010. It shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the fast nature and excitement these games offer.

As the name suggests, these poker variants allow you to get a new hand as soon as you fold. When compared to traditional poker, the variant moves at a blistering pace and sits well with most poker players, especially young ones.

You can fold at any time, skipping the marginal hands and getting fresh new ones that are far more interesting than the first. It’s truly a blast.

A Revolutionary Game

Fast-fold poker is the game that changed the landscape of traditional card games. Instead of waiting for the round to end before you get a new hand, you can now easily fold your hand and “fast forward” to a new one.

It’s the game that has changed online poker for good and most likely it is future.

Also known as Zoom, Fast-Forward, Speed, and Snap Poker among many other names, fast-fold poker has been the go-to variant players now prefer.

The main variant and even more are available at most fast poker sites such as BestPoker. Part of the GG network of poker sites, it offers a variety of speed poker variants.

That’s not all you can get in this poker room. Aside from a variety of bonuses, you can also benefit from top BestPoker Rakeback deals that should keep your wallet happy. Oh, and there are plenty of tournaments to enjoy as well – if you’re in it to win it, BestPoker is the obvious choice.

Can Everyone Play Zoom Poker?

Call this variant poker for the new generation. Old-school poker players who like to get a reading on players and go slow won’t like the fast nature of the variant.

With that being said, it’s great for new players who want a higher volume of hands per round. Keep in mind that the blinds will be turning pretty fast, especially if you’re stuck to Aces and Kings.

Tougher players are also associated with fast tables, so if you’re a beginner, it’s better to stick to the basics. Beginners will find more value in slower tables and build their knowledge from the ground up.

As soon as you’ve learned a thing or two, you can try your hand at poker tables and move your poker education on the double. The fast pace might be scary at first, but you should be able to stay on your feet and progress fast with each new fold.

What Are The Zoom Alternatives?

Each poker site has developed or acquired its own version of fast-fold poker, giving it a new name. They’re all basically Zoom Poker’s spawn with another name and maybe an extra set of features. Some stick to new features, while others such as Rush&cash multiply the game’s speed even further.

The game is a unique take on fast-fold Hold’em AKA the ‘default’ fast-fold variant. There aren’t many other variants of fast-forwarding poker aside from a few Pot-Limit Omaha variants.

Many fan favorites have never been offered in this format – if you’re into Triple Draw, no such luck.

Depending on the site, you get a different fast-fold variant to play. At BestPoker, it’s Rush & Cash. It’s the ideal game to play if you don’t want to wait your turn, you want more action and higher rewards.

As the site claims, it’s the fastest poker game in town and we have to agree. Before checking out the poker room’s fastest game on offer, make sure to get a BestPoker bonus and play with it instead of wasting your own money. The hands change fast and so will your money if you don’t pay attention to your bankroll. 

Can I Play Tournaments?

Yes, fast-fold tournaments are available and take place as any other. However, the variant itself is much more popular as a cash game. Is there a point to use strategies and playing tournaments in a game where everything can change in a second? Fast poker is all about being fast.

If you play an MTT fast-fold poker, for example, it should go traditional before you reach the final table. Where’s the fun in that?

Does It Involve Skills?

Of course, it does. Since the game is moving at a blistering speed, you will have to adapt and use your smarts and skills to make snap decisions and react in a matter of seconds. As mentioned, it’s a great way to deepen your knowledge of the game.

Even better, online poker rooms usually have fast poker games for free. Why not give the variant a test ride before you start playing for real money? 

Pros and Cons of Fast-Fold Poker Sites

Just like any other poker game, Zoom and its alternatives come with their own set of pros and cons. First and foremost, you have to be aware that you’ll face tougher competition at these tables and that you can’t make good reads since things change fast.

Recreational players will benefit from playing at one table, while pros will play several tables at one time.

The good news is that the pros far outweigh the cons. Fast-fold poker tables are great ‘tools’ for learning.

As a new poker player, you will learn a lot from these games through trial and error. In the beginning, your focus will be on improving your game and hands – you’ll move up in the world of poker at a blistering pace.

The faster pace allows for greater focus on the game and you’ll be able to move forward faster as soon as your bankroll starts growing. Ply your fast poker trade at sites such as BestPoker and keep in mind that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.