GGPoker: A Complete Review

GGpoker is an online poker room where you can compete against poker players around the world and win real money. It is one of the largest networks in Asia GG Network and one of the top 5 in the world. It operates under the Master License of Gaming Service Provider.
GGpoker is home to some of the world famous poker players, like Daniel Negreanu. It holds the Guinness World Record of Largest Prize Pool for an online poker tournament. GGpoker is famous for its convenient platforms and great promotion strategy.

GGPoker Games

GGpoker offers exclusive poker games such as All-In Or Fold, Rush & Cash, and Spin & Gold. It also offers some cash games like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and 6+ short deck. All of GGpoker games are equipped with unique features such as snapcam, staking platform, smart betting, art HUD, Pokercraft, and All-In Insurance. The players are also provided with waiting lists, bet sizing, and notes on other players.
All of these features will give you a convenient multitabler experience. However, GGpoker does not allow any kind of plug-in softwares.

GGPoker Tournaments

GGpoker comes with a great variety of tournaments. Some of the signature tournaments are High Rollers, T$ Builder, Sunday Tournaments, Chinese Zodiac, and Bounty Hunters. It also offers some featured tournaments such as Battle of Malta, GG Masters, and WSOP Online.
These tournaments are organized with their unique formats. And all GGpoker tournament guarantees get doubled on Sundays.

Daily Main Events

The daily main events of GGpoker lets you compete for your part of the total prize pool, which is up to $70,000.

High Rollers

Among the tournaments organized by GGpoker, we found that High Rollers is the most intense. It has the highest stakes. The buy-ins range from $210 to $1000.

T$ Builder

If you want to avoid the risk of high stakes, then take part in the Tournament $ Builder tournament, also known as T$ Builder. This tournament has buy-ins of $1, $2, and $8. It does not come with any additional fee. The prize money is awarded as tournament dollars, which could be used to pay the entry fee of other GGpoker tournaments.

Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese Zodiac tournament is best known for its rewards. It is designed for crazy action seekers with 12 tournaments held in a No Limit Hold’em format. The rewards are prize money with a special Chinese zodiac animal avatar. The guarantee of this tournament series can be as much as ¥1,000,000.
It should be noted that the Chinese Zodiac tournament can only be played with CNY (Chinese Yuan Renminbi). Your currency will be automatically converted into CNY while purchasing its buy-ins. The buy-ins for this tournament range from ¥20 to ¥800.

Bounty Hunters

This Bounty Hunter tournament is held regularly with its unique knock-out format. You can earn money in the form of bounty every time you knock a player out of the tournament. Your finishing position determines your final payout. The payout gets doubled every Sunday.


The WSOP tournament is one of the grand featured tournaments in GGpoker. It’s held each year with a large scale of prize money. This year, the buy-in fee was only $5000 because of the ongoing pandemic. But that did not stop it from being epic. This year, the WSOP tournament featured the largest prize pool ever in the history of online poker, and it was officially recognized by The Guinness World Record. The prize pool of WSOP was $25,000,000.

GGPoker Rewards

GGpoker has a wide range of rewards. These rewards are the main players in GGpoker’s promotional campaigns.
Now let’s take a look at a brief review of some of its rewards:

Welcome Bonus

This reward can be earned once when you make your first deposit in GGpoker. You can either get up to $100 or a 100% bonus of $600. It depends on your choice.


This is only offered to beginners. Do not get confused and think of it as an actual honeymoon offer! It is nothing like that. It is basically a set of tasks by completing which you can earn money. There are a total 30 tasks, and your reward for completing all of them is $300.

Flush Jackpot

GGpoker offers many attractive jackpots to all its players. It also offers the Big Hand Jackpot to those who can score the necessary combinations.

Rush & Cash Daily Leaderboards

It is offered on a daily basis as a part of a total $33,000 prize pool to those who compete in the Rush & Cash fast poker tables.

Spin & Gold Challenge

You can earn up to 60% in cashbacks by completing its daily challenges.

AoF Bingo

It is a basic cash reward. You have to fill two or more lines for 30 poker hands using your All-In or Fold table cards as Bingo cards. The rewards are automatically disbursed in your account.
There are more rewards available such as 100% rakeback, leaderboard guarantee of $7500, and an everyday log-in prize.

Opening costs, Deposits, and Withdrawals

There is no cost and minimum deposit for opening an account in GGpoker. However, you need to deposit money before you start playing poker with your account.
Deposits and withdrawals are very easy with your GGpoker account. GGpoker accepts all standard e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill. It also accepts Visa and other bank cards.
The deposit option is located in the cashier section of both website and app. You need to choose deposit, select your preferred method, and enter the amount of deposit.
The withdrawal is similar to deposit but more secure. Withdrawal is only available for verified accounts. For security reasons, the withdrawal requests have to be approved before processing.

GGpoker Security

GGpoker security team has designed its network, platform, and games with the goal of providing safe and enjoyable poker game experiences.
Some unethical players might try to breach GGpoker’s security. For that, GGpoker’s security team has some protocols and actions. These actions include reward removal, account closure, permanent ban, confiscation, etc.
GGpoker promises to give its players a fair, unbiased experience of poker. To ensure that, GGpoker software performs a lot of scanning and tracking of the player’s movement to detect any type of automated movement and bots. Players, who use supporting software and bots, get suspended.
There are other security features such as prevention of circumvention, ghosting, trespassing, etc.
However, there are some complaints from poker players that their accounts got banned without any reason.

GGpoker Helpline and support

GGpoker has a standard helpline service. It is complete with automated FAQs and a search option to help you find your answers.
It also features a poker school for beginners to help them understand the game rules.

Final Thoughts

GGpoker is a great platform for utilizing your poker skills and earning money. It has a wide range of tournaments and rewards. There are many players available in the poker rooms to play with. The involvement of Daniel Negreanu tells us how reliable GGpoker is too.
In short, we would say that GGpoker is an “A” class platform for poker players, and we highly recommend you to give it a try.