Holdem Manager Review (2020): Most Comprehensive Poker Too

Are you a fan of and especially Hold’em? Up-and-coming poker players and pros can benefit from a statistical analysis tool such as PokerTracker and Holdem Manager.

The latter is widely considered among the most comprehensive poker tools since it has been developed for poker players by poker pros. It was launched in 2007 and managed to become one of the top poker software tools in the world in just a short time.

Also known as HM3, the software’s hand database and statistics are constantly updated to give you the edge. The program comes with a pre-configured or customized HUD and features such as Live Play View and Visual Opponent Feedback among others to make you a better poker player.

A revolutionary tool for all types of players, Holdem Manager might just be the thing you need to step your game up. It will help you analyze your game and how your opponents play with a bunch of useful information and statistics that will ‘plug the holes’ in your game.

Available in 14 popular languages, the software appeals to a wide range of poker players. 

Holdem Manager 3 can also be upgraded with add-ons, integrating new features into the powerful tool that will give you a greater edge.

If you want to take your poker skills to the next level with detailed reportings, read our Holdem Manager review.

Holdem Manager Installation

Installing the software is pretty simple. As soon as you download the install wizard, fire it up, accept the User License Agreement, and it’ll be done in no more than a few minutes. Express install is recommended if you’re not a tech whiz or you don’t want to customize the installation process.

After you start the tool, it will automatically detect the poker sites on your computer and give you more sites to add if you want to. You can import data manually and setup preferred seating at the table for a comprehensive statistical analysis of your play.

Holdem Manager Review: Features

The features added to the newest iteration in Holdem Manager made it one of the most powerful poker tools on the market. You can choose from preconfigured Heads Up Display (HUD), see the game in real-time, see detailed analysis after the game, and set up powerful filters for your hands.

Visual information on your opponents is also available as is hand replayer. The latter gives you a chance to replay some of your previous hands and fix leaking holes in your play. Thanks to the intuitive interface and simple settings, Holdem Manager 3 offers increased productivity that will surely come in handy.

Customization and Other Features

Customization is at Holdem Manager’s core, with fast and easy setups for most statistics and the HUD. For example, you can choose between standard and graphical HUD and compare key statistics between your opponents. 

A pop-up window in the hand replayer can be customized to your own liking for a detailed analysis of any player. You can import hands, databases, and custom HUDs as well, making Holdem Manager a deeply customizable poker tool.

Supported Sites

At the moment, Holdem Manager 3 supports a variety of poker sites including Party Poker, 888 Poker, and Winner Poker among others.

As new versions are released, the database of poker sites will undoubtedly get updated as well.