Where to Apply for Live Poker Staking (And Everything You Need to Know)

If you’ve ever played poker online, you’ve surely heard the term live poker staking. Many novice players are confused about what it means, but it’s actually quite simple. Look at it as an investment in poker – you’re either backing up a player or someone might back you up.

What is Live Poker Staking?

A popular technique in today’s world of poker, staking allows you to put up cash on a poker player hoping that he/she wins. In this situation, you are the backer, while the player you’re investing in is the horse.

As mentioned, poker staking is an investment. It’s not a waste of time and it can actually be very beneficial in terms of learning.  Many players (horses) do live poker staking because they run out of money, effectively “borrowing” cash from a backer. In more cases, however, staking is done as a way to study the game and get better at poker.

Free coaching is another benefit of staking. As a horse, you’re not playing on your own dime, so it’s a good way to progress up in the world of poker.

How Do I Find a Backer?

Oh, it’s really easy to find backers nowadays. In the past, staking was confined to tournaments and elite tables, but nowadays, everyone can do it with ease thanks to poker staking sites.

They are open for all backers and horses and have a multitude of offers that spice up the deal. Even players with little history can find investors and get a shot to move up a level.

It’s a great way to progress and get free coaching and you won’t be spending all your hard-earned money. If you’re good at poker and you want to make a name for yourself, live poker staking is a great way to do so.

How Does the Split Work?

By now, you’re probably aware that staking means splitting the money between the backer and horse. Since someone invests in you, it’s only fair to split the winnings. It can be right down the middle (50%-50%) or in some other capacity. The staking agreement stays between you and the backer.

In modern poker games, the rule of thumb is: the winning percentage is equal to half of the backing. So, if someone invests $100 in you, he gets 50%, If he invests 50%, he gets half of that or 25%.

The horse also has an obligation to pay the stake back to the backer. Backers can also demand stakeback in which case the player (horse) might be left with nothing.

How Do I Find Backers?

Nowadays, we do everything online and such is the case of poker staking as well. Good news – there are plenty of poker staking sites that offer great deals. Bad news – not all of them are of equal quality.

But, that’s why we’re here. We have the best live poker staking sites where you’ll get plenty of value and special stuff such as free coaching sessions as well.

1. Chip Me Up

The first online staking site, Chip Me Up has been up and running for over a decade. Although its design might be a bit dated, the site has enjoyed stunning success over the years. Thanks to a huge and enthusiastic poker community and a large base of users, Chip Me Up has created over 170,000 events and created 8.3 million shares on offer.

Freebies, SNGs, and other events are open for staking at the site. Strategies, stats and events, and news from the world of poker are also on offer, making Chip Me Up one of the very best online poker staking sites.

2. bitB Staking

A poker staking website run by a group of specialists, bitB Staking’s experts bring their knowledge to SNGs, MTTs, and a vast array of cash games. Found by the best MTT players Samuel Vousden, Patrick Leonard, and Tomi Brouk, bitB features top-level poker talent and coaching you don’t get elsewhere. 

The site provides daily top-ups and stellar coaching from a group of players that have earned over 20 million in their careers. There are high-quality coaching videos at the site as well as strategies and stats that will improve take your game to the next level.

The team focuses on the fundamental approach to owning tournaments, making it a truly stellar poker staking site. 

3. BBZ Staking

A staking site that gives you the financial flexibility and top-tier coaching that you need to progress, BBZ is a great coaching site. It offers infinite bankroll that allows you to make decisions with ease and learn how to be a better poker player in the future.

BBZ is the longest-running staking group in poker today and promises to stay with you for the long haul. It has staked great champs such as Poker@LuffyD and 1_CONOR_B_1 which shows that it’s a top-tier poker staking site.

To get started, all you need is to fill the form at the bottom of the site. You’ll have a backer shortly. 

4. VIP Grinders

One of the biggest websites in online poker is also one of the best poker staking sites. VIP Grinders runs a staking fund for potential +EV players and gives you access to free coaching, dedicated support, and access to a funded account on multiple networks.

There are requirements before you sign a staking agreement, of course. Ideal candidates will need references such as staking experience and 2+2 and must have over 50K hands for cash games at limits up to PLO1000. 

If you have what it takes, look no further than VIP Grinders. It’s an excellent coaching program and a poker staking site that definitely deserves your attention. You’ll learn from a group of experts that will tell you all you need to know about your game and how to improve it.