Poker Staking – MTT and SNG Poker Stake & How Does it Work?

Poker staking for tournament poker is much more common than a cash game poker stake. The variance experienced by tournament players is much more extreme than what a cash game player will face.

For this reason, many players will suffer negative effects with their mindset and consequently, the quality of their play will drop.

Having a dedicated poker bankroll via a poker stake is a great solution to both of these problems. Players who have tried and failed to move forward with their poker careers should consider whether or not the pressure of risking their own money is the best way forward for them.

In today’s incredibly tough and competitive playing environment, you must take every step possible to maximize your chances of success. Applying for MTT staking is well worth considering if you are struggling to meet your goals.

How Does Tournament Poker Staking Work?

Just as with cash game staking, MTT staking and SnG staking always come with a number of important agreements between both parties. The aim is for these agreements to meet the expectations of both the backer and the player.

This is always done to protect the backer’s investment while at the same time attempting to further the career of the player with opportunities that wouldn’t always be possible outside of a poker stake.

The player will be most concerned with the profit split. The standard deal offered to a new player is normally 50/50. We offer a 60/40 profit split to start with adjustments being considered on a case-by-case basis.

The timing of payments is also agreed on a case-by-case basis. There are factors such as maintaining volume requirements and meeting your profit targets.

Unlike a cash game stake where a rigid stop loss is set, MTT players usually have an agreed-upon schedule and daily bankroll.

SnG players will have a stop loss because they can play many tournaments in a short period of time. Huge swings are possible in a single day where mindset issues can become a considerable factor after losing a large percentage of the bankroll.

Makeup is important in any online poker staking deal. Players who are currently losing money will not be allowed to back out of their deal, either to return to playing with their own money or to make a new deal with another backer.

While we have no restrictions on quitting when the account balance is positive, players will not be permitted to leave when in makeup. There is no time frame commitment with VIPshark.

What Are The Benefits of MTT Staking and SnG Staking?

Tournament poker has extreme variance which can wreak havoc on a player’s mindset. The difference between cash game variance and MTT variance is enormous.

Signing up to a poker staking site is one way to completely avoid massive downswings ruining your mindset, leaving you playing scared. Playing any kind of poker while being frightened to lose is a sure way to ruin the pleasure of playing.

Another benefit is having the opportunity to work with other players who are also striving to move up the stakes ladder. Networking with other players who are working on their game too is a great way to accelerate your progress.

Where Should You Play?

If you only play your tournament poker volume on one single poker site then choosing the most suitable one is crucial. On smaller poker sites you simply won’t be able to play enough.

For this reason, PokerStars isn’t seen as an overly bad choice due to the high number of tournaments offered. Even though their Rakeback scheme is incredibly poor, offering as little as 2-5% cashback, you will be able to play as much volume as you can handle regardless of your time zone.

While Rakeback works well for cash game players who experience little variance, tournament players will find that the cashback does little to dampen the swings you can expect.

Because of this, chasing the best Rakeback deal should not be the most important factor when choosing where to play.

The software of your chosen poker site is always of high importance. MTT players are forced to spend long hours playing during deep runs and poor software contributes to your stress levels rising along with other problems such as tiredness and eye strain.

We offer enhanced deals to micro and small stakes grinders – 60%+ – who can put in large amounts of volume. This is another reason why choosing a more mainstream poker site is beneficial for tournament poker players.

Who Can Get A Stake With Us?

VIPshark offer MTT staking, SnG staking, and even Spin&Go staking, to players who are at least breaking even at micro stakes and small stakes.

We seek players who are motivated to work hard and play responsibly to give their poker career the best chance of success. Responsible play is of great importance to us. We are investing in a player’s career financially with the hope that the relationship will be beneficial to both parties.

For the staking deal to succeed, players who successfully apply must put together a plan of action for both their playing schedule and their study time. Tournament play used to have a reputation for being much softer than cash games, but this has changed rapidly over the last few years.

Players who can take this professional approach are the most likely to succeed at this tough game and this is exactly what we are looking for.

We take each player’s circumstances into consideration when putting together a deal and we are always prepared to negotiate a special deal if you have certain requirements.

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