Poker Staking – Cash Game Poker Stake & How Does it Work?

Poker stake is a great way to further your poker career. Signing up for a cash game poker stake will relieve all the pressure you feel when risking your own money.

Many players find it difficult to keep to a correct bankroll strategy and do not follow the standard advice of keeping a poker bankroll separate from the rest of their money.

When playing under a cash game poker stake you will play with a dedicated bankroll with an agreed-upon strategy. This is the ideal way to keep your mental game in the best possible shape while attempting to rise through the stakes ladder.

How Does Poker Stake Work?

Cash game staking comes with a number of agreements between both parties. Stable investors need to protect their investment while simultaneously giving the player the best plan for moving forward in their career.

The first point that needs to be clearly understood is makeup. This is whenever your account is currently showing a loss. If you look through any number of poker staking sites, every single one of the deals they offer contains a makeup clause.

Players who make a deal with do so on a non-commitment basis and can quit whenever they like, as long as they are not in makeup.

The only courses of action when in makeup are to play or pay your way out of it, get dropped from the team, or retire from poker.

Other normal agreements you must follow under a poker stake are to follow strict stop loss guidelines and only playing the stipulated stakes. Chasing losses at a higher limit is always forbidden.

The final agreement, and important for all concerned, is the profit split. A straight-up 50/50 split is common throughout cash game staking, but VIPsharks start off with 60/40 in favor of the player.

The profit split payments are handled on a case-by-case basis. This can range from daily to weekly to monthly, and even longer in some cases. Profit targets will be factored into all profit split agreements.

We are easy to negotiate special deals with to fit every player’s needs.

What Are the Benefits of Poker Stake?

While we don’t offer coaching as a part of our deals, joining our stable has many benefits that increase the player’s chance of success in their career.

As mentioned above, working within a strict bankroll strategy with a dedicated poker bankroll will help the player remove all worries of losing their own money. This concept is generally undervalued when it comes to playing your A-game.

Working as part of a team, players will have the opportunity to network with other members to study and refine all parts of their game. This is much more efficient than working alone. Being surrounded by like-minded people with a common goal will work wonders for your motivation.

Who Can Get a Poker Stake With Us?

VIPShark offers cash game staking deals to all players who have a track record of break-even or better at stakes of $5NL or higher. We seek players who are motivated to put in the volume and to work hard with other members of the team.

It is important for applicants to understand the need for full transparency and the need to play within the agreed constraints. While as the backer we are taking the financial risk in exchange for a cut of the player’s winnings, it is highly important that players staked by us remain conscious of the big picture.

The goal is to continuously improve your skillset while playing responsibly. The bankroll may not belong to you but you should still treat it as such. This is crucial for a player’s mindset when experiencing the intense waves of variance that a cash game poker will throw at you.

Cash game players who play regular tables or the fast-fold format are welcome to apply. For players who strive to become professionals one day, the fast-fold format is a fantastic way to increase your volume when you have limited time to play.

However, to improve in the most efficient manner possible, a study plan must be constructed to run alongside your volume requirements. Playing poker will help to firmly ingrain the correct thought processes, but these are always learned away from the table.

Players who can follow such a strategy to improve their results are the ideal candidate to get a stake with us.

Where To Play Cash Game Poker Staking?

Most players that sign poker staking deals with us play outside of PokerStars. The loyalty scheme that is now in place gives barely any benefit to the player. Players are reporting as little as 2-5% Rakeback calculated over an adequate sample size.

The benefits of playing on a poker site that gives generous Rakeback include the padding effect on your win rate. This gives you more breathing space during the periods of bad variance and can be worth as much as 1-2bb/100 added to your win rate.

Even though it is preferred to play on a poker site other than PokerStars, all rooms will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Another important consideration when choosing where to play online poker is the software. How comfortable you feel when putting in your volume will have a dramatic effect on how you feel during long playing sessions.

Staked players who can grind consistent high volume at limits of $5NL to $50NL will be considered for-profit split deals in excess of 60% for the player. Agreements such as this are difficult to come by in the world of online poker staking.

To put yourself in the best position to achieve this it is crucial that your chosen poker site suits you as much as possible.

Less popular rooms might have a higher proportion of recreational players to target, but without benefits such as hotkeys and shortcuts, it will be more difficult to maintain your volume targets.