Do You Have a iGaming Audience?

If you are a professional poker player, profiled sports better, ​savage gambler or otherwise have an audience of some sort in the iGaming industry, we will be interested in discussing a sponsorship deal with you.

We are also very interested in new, up and coming poker players who need a kickstart to your poker career.

Examples of People We Would Like To Sponsor:

  • Twitch poker players (or casino and sportsbetting)
  • Youtube poker players (or casino and sportsbetting)
  • If you have a Social Media Audience
  • iGaming bloggers in poker, casino or sportsbetting
  • Poker, casino and sportsbetting forums and gropus
  • Poker coaches and training sites
  • Profiled and trusted igaming forum personalities
  • iGaming influencers
  • Up and coming poker players that are determined to go pro
  • …and anything else related to iGaming

Apply for Sponsorship!

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