Sports Betting vs. Poker – Which One Is More Profitable?

Sports betting and online poker are among the most profitable pastimes in the industry. Poker players love nothing more than a good game against friends on a Friday night that can make a solid profit. Pros will often hit the best online poker rooms and make thousands if not millions, thanks to tournaments such as the World Series of Poker.

On the other hand, online sports betting is just as profitable. Pro bettors can place their bets on anything from football matches to NFL odds and make a killing in return if they know their way around sports. However, one question has always been bugging new players – is sports betting or poker more profitable?

The Casino for Sports Betting

No one can deny the thrill of online sports betting. Watching your favorite team battle it out with its arch-nemesis with your stake on it is pretty exciting. It adds a new dimension to the game that can’t be compared to anything else. If you’re good at sports betting and you win it, collecting your winnings is incredibly satisfying and, in some cases, pretty profitable.

Even if you lose your bet (or bets), you still get a valuable lesson that can teach you something new about the process of betting on sports. With a lot of trial and error, online sports betting can be quite profitable seeing how online bookies constantly ‘reinvent the wheel’ when it comes to placing bets.

From outrights and fixed match odds to live betting on NBA odds, online sports betting is a thrill you can’t get enough of. With hundreds or even thousands of markets online every day on various markets, there’s a lot of money to be made on sports. This goes especially for great Super Bowl odds which go sky-high thanks to whales who bet millions on one team or the other.

The Case for Poker

Some people like to hit the clubs on the weekend, others plan their rest, while some people love playing poker as soon as Friday comes. Be it a social game between friends or an online tournament, poker is one of USA’s most favorite pastimes.

It’s quite profitable too, considering how many players enjoy it online for real money. A popular game of skill, tournaments such as WSOP 2019 have feature millions of dollars in the pot for players to win. Such big cash rewards will surely attract any poker player, from inexperienced newbies to poker pros. Online gaming sites such as Rizk casino often host poker tournaments with massive prizes in tow, allowing you to rake in massive winnings if you’re good at the game.

You surely know a friend who plays poker on a semi-pro level in online poker rooms and makes great cash. Take Tom Dwan, for example – this online poker player started from the bottom but is now playing high-stakes poker tournaments under the screen name ‘durrrr’. He’s just one of many examples that have turned casual poker Fridays into pro competition with millions of dollars in earnings behind his name.

Online Sports Betting and Online Poker as a Form of Professional Gambling

There’s one big similarity between online poker and online sports betting – both are pretty hard. For poker pros even playing with an aggressive approach is sometimes not that easy when playing against bots. Even if you play against human players, there’s a big possibility that the other players at the table are much better than yourself.

Online sports betting is challenging too but for different reasons. Online bookies charge a very high vig than a traditional sportsbook which makes it hard for you to win in the big run. Sure, you will get a few slips right, but in the long run, making a lot of money is pretty hard.

Which One is More Profitable – Online Poker or Online Sports Betting?

If you ask us, our money would be on poker. It’s a game of skill that can be learned with a lot of practice. You can learn a lot about sports betting too, but poker skills can pay a lot more in the long run.

That goes double if you enter high-stakes tournaments such as the World Series of Poker. The main event at WSOP 2019 featured a prize pool of just over $80 million, with $10 million reserved for the winner. That’s as huge as cash rewards go, even if the buy-in is steep.

You can win millions on sports betting too, but luck plays a bigger role in it than poker. A good poker player will know what to do in each situation and hopefully defeat the others to win the pot. When it comes to online sports betting, you probably know that even favorites have a hard day every once in a while. Investing a lot of money on such a bit is riskier than playing poker.
Of course, this is just our own opinion.

You can make a living off both if you’re proficient at poker and sports betting too. If you believe you’re good at them, then by all means go bet all-in. Of course, it pays to keep an eye on your bankroll and being smart about your bets if you want a good return.


Online sports betting and online poker are two major pastimes for players around the world. Both are pretty profitable if you play your cards right. Online poker is a great and lucrative game of skill you can learn to defeat others and win a pot of millions.

On the other hand, a 15-fold betslip at sites such as 22bet can make you an insane profit on just a few bucks. As we’re already mentioned, you can make a living off both, but not without previous preparation and a lot of practice.

Those who are good at both should definitely try both. Keep in mind that many poker pros are great sports bettors as well. If you have the opportunity to win big on both poker and online sports betting, missing it is like folding on a good poker hand.